Prioritizing your growth.

In today’s fast paced world, companies are racing towards achieving significant and consistent success. That is where Quantzify comes into action. Providing professional services and product expertise to companies and partners while ensuring that your growth rate is constantly on the move is our objective. We dedicate our efforts towards increasing revenue by helping enterprise organizations make data-driven decisions.


Why Choose Quantzify

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Service Experience

Rather than focus on short term goals, we look at the bigger picture and plan for the future of your company in this ever changing workspace. We aspire to provide impeccable service that is impossible to forget.

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Supreme Results

Our goal is to provide extensively thorough technical data that will result in an increase in revenue and overall profitability. The Quantzify team combines a plethora of knowledge, leaving no stone unturned in order to provide only the best results.

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We aim to carry out great work at affordable prices. Instead of the burden of restrictions, our team believes in adapting to allow a free flow of creativity which in turn leads to prosperity by taking your business to the next level.

Our Process



Link with us over a Zoom call, a coffee or both to assess the current situation. Regardless of whether you are using Salesforce, Excel, Google Spreadsheets or even the time-honored pen and paper - Quantzify will help by curating an action plan personalized to your company designed to reach your goals.



A Product Manager will be assigned to develop a backlog of user cases and user stores designed to improve your CRM strategy and platform architecture.

They will be your go-to resource for all questions and support needs. Each user story will be thoroughly inspected, validated and approved by your team, including the stakeholders and internal analysts.



Swift and precise responses will be provided by the administrator. Response for simple bugs will fall within the 2-business hour SLA. Predominantly, most solutions will be delivered within the same SLA.

In addition, custom Apex development will be added to the sprints to support the product roadmap, based on the type of service you select.



Each organization harbors a different set of needs that are constantly evolving. Every quarter, we will revisit our strategy and ensure that we are on the right track to deliver the envisioned system. With your evolving needs comes an evolved engagement model and up-to-date services. Reach out to the Product Manager for changes in services outside the Quarterly check-in meetings for a smooth operation.



Salesforce projects are similar to the multiple layers of an onion. They're unpredictable, prone to surprises and may even bring about some tears. However, in the end, it will make that sandwich just a bit tastier - thereby giving it an edge.

Apart from the sprints, planned deliverables, weekly reports and scheduled meetings, you will have access to our team through Slack, Teams and Email. Since communication is key, we make it easy for you to reach out at your convenience.

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Check out our services.

We offer a variety of services for clients who are looking to scale.